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Tyrolean dining rooms in the heart of Innsbruck

A cosy Tyrolean atmosphere and ultimate indulgence in the hotel's rustic dining rooms

In the comfortable and authentic Tyrolean dining rooms at Restaurant Sailer, you can explore the delightful traditions and indulgent hospitality of the Tyrolean inn culture. The cosy, rustic atmosphere and magnificent aroma of stone pine timber combine to make every stay a truly unique culinary experience in which you can enjoy first-class Tyrolean specialities in an incomparable ambience. And the best part? The doors of Restaurant Sailer are open 365 days a year for your convenience. Why not combine your sightseeing or shopping trip to Innsbruck with a culinary celebration for all the senses!

Wetterstein Stube



Sailer Stube

Jäger Stube


Rustic dining rooms with authentic Tyrolean charm

The hotel's individual Tyrolean dining rooms are reached via a traditional stone pine timber "Gangl" hallway. A popular feature is the "regulars' reserved table", a social gathering place for up to 14 guests. The oldest and most popular rustic dining room at the hotel is the Sailerstube, entirely panelled with stone pine timber and originally relocated from a castle-like manor house in the Paznaun Valley. A particularly cosy ambience can be found in the Wettersteinstube, while the cheerfully festive Bürgerstube boasts some modern flair. If you prefer the rustic touch, the Jägerstube or the Bauernstube will be just the thing. Every guest can find the venue they're looking for at the Sailer!

Cosy Tyrolean dining rooms for every occasion

Find the perfect venue for parties and celebrations of all kinds, from weddings and christenings to birthday and Christmas parties, at the Restaurant Sailer in Innsbruck. The restaurant boasts a range of halls and dining rooms to suit every taste and occasion, from small gatherings to large celebrations. The restaurant can seat up to 200 patrons in total. At the other end of the scale, a delightful dinner for two can be a particularly romantic experience in one of the rustic Tyrolean dining rooms.

Please note that smoking is not permitted in any of the dining areas at Restaurant Sailer. As an added bonus, our restaurant is open for your convenience from 7:00 am to midnight, 365 days a year.

Would you like to see the selection offered by our kitchen? Please take a look at our menu!

The Bauernstube

The charming "Bauernstube" dining room is a genuine original: it was one of the first dining rooms to be established at the Hotel Sailer, back in 1969. The room's spruce timbers were taken from an old farmhouse in Volders and faithfully reconstructed in the Sailer. Up to 12 diners can be comfortably seated at the tables of our Bauernstube.

The Bürgerstube

The Bürgerstube dining room welcomes guests with the perfect combination of modern convenience and charm.The festive, brightly-lit room provides a friendly atmosphere for up to 30 guests. We recommend the Bürgerstube for small family gatherings, convocations, lectures or club parties.

The Sailerstube dining room at the Hotel Sailer features timber panelling and a festive table decoration on a white tablecloth
A traditional rustic dining room in the Tyrolean capital

The Sailerstube

The 250-year-old Sailerstube is the oldest dining room at the Hotel & Restaurant Sailer. Entirely panelled and furnished with stone pine timber, the Sailerstube was relocated from a castle-like manor house in the Paznaun Valley to be faithfully reconstructed in its present location at the Hotel Sailer in Innbruck in 1991. The traditional wood stove adds to the special atmosphere of the room, providing welcome warmth on cold winter days. Up to 20 guests can comfortably dine and enjoy delightful hours in the Sailerstube.

The Wettersteiner Stube

This dining room is named for the Alpine Gesellschaft Wettersteiner society, whose members have been meeting here every Thursday evening since 1911. Renovated in 1928, this cosy space can comfortably seat up to 26 diners.

The Jägerstube

The Jägerstube dining room originally came from a farmhouse in the Pitztal valley. The stone pine timbers were removed from the site and faithfully reconstructed at the Hotel Sailer in Innsbruck in 1974. This smaller dining room can seat 10-12 people.

Breakfast room

Our guests enjoy an energising breakfast buffet in the spacious and bright breakfast hall with its timber ceiling before tackling a new day in Innsbruck.

The Jägerstube dining room at the Hotel Sailer features timber panelling, beautiful place settings laid out on a white tablecloth and assorted antlers mounted on the wall
Have a great time in the delightful Jägerstube dining room

The Saal Tyrol

For larger gatherings such as weddings, jubilees, conferences or balls, our large Saal Tyrol hall is the perfect choice. The hall can seat up to 120 guests for a celebration in a delightful atmosphere. If you need more room, the hall can be expanded to provide seating for up to 200 guests.

The Saal Tyrol hall dates back to 1978, when it was constructed as an extension to an existing hall.

Gangl and the regulars' reserved table

A traditional "Gangl" stone pine timber hallway leads to the various cosy dining rooms at the hotel. A popular feature is the "regulars' reserved table" in the hallway, which can seat up to 14 people.

Courtyard dining

The stunning courtyard dining area at the restaurant is a unique feature – an elegant area dotted with chestnut trees and a natural gravel floor underfoot, in the centre of Innsbruck. Up to 90 patrons can sit comfortably in the shady garden of the Hotel & Restaurant Sailer on a hot summer day.

Be inspired by the cosy atmosphere in the faithfully preserved Tyrolean dining rooms at Restaurant Sailer! For an incomparable culinary experience in Innsbruck, send us your table reservation now or simply give us a call at !

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