With heart and tradition: a look at Hotel Sailer's history

A holiday at the traditional Sailer hotel

Hotel Sailer in Innsbruck during the First World War
Hotel Sailer during the First World War

Today's Hotel Sailer has been family-owned for more than 100 years. Quite a bit has changed since then, other things have been preserved. Friendly Tyrolean hospitality has always been cultivated with dedication and it still plays its part in the special flair today.

Hotel Sailer: since 1896

Hotel Sailer in Innsbruck proudly celebrated its 100th anniversary in 1996. Melchior Sailer had laid the foundation stone for today's hotel a century before, in 1896. He had the guest house built, back then still Gasthof Sailer, and welcomed his guests as the landlord. He passed this post onto his son, Josef Sailer I, in 1910. Josef Sailer II was the 3rd generation to take over the business in 1940. At this time, Sailer underwent vast structural expansions. Under Josef Sailer III, who managed the hotel from 1974, the Sailer was expanded and promoted to become a renowned hotel business.

Today the 5th generation Josef and Sabine Sailer are now managing the successful hotel & restaurant in the heart of Tyrol's regional capital. Future management has also been taken care of: the 6th generation Josef Sailer jun. V and Maria Sailer jun., were born on 21st July 2015.

The charm of a venerable, genuine Innsbruck guest house has been accompanying Hotel Sailer for decades like a faithful soul. Sincerity, a love for the job and experiences passed down over generations are incorporated into the day-to-day work by the Sailer family and its team. Many of the staff members have been part of the hotel team for many years, which we quite rightly mention with pride.

A Tyrolean room at Hotel Sailer in Innsbruck's city centre
Original Tyrolean rooms at Hotel Sailer

Original rooms from the Tyrolean region

The Tyrolean soul is very noticeable in the rustic rooms. Three of them, the Bauernstube, Sailerstube and Jägerstube originate from farmhouses from different valleys in Tyrol. The historic rooms live on in the restaurant by being built into Hotel Sailer. The oldest parts of the hotel also include the Wettersteinstube from the guest house's early years, which was renovated in 1928 and serves as the regulars' table for the Alpine Wetterstein Society.

Taking a modern path

With all the tradition and preservation of original features it was always important to us to keep up with the times too. This includes careful renovation work and state-of-the-art technical equipment as well as further developing our creative cuisine in a contemporary way.

We would also like to make your holiday in Innsbruck as wonderful as possible: all that's missing is your booking or your non-binding enquiry.


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