Information for your safe holiday in Innsbruck

Dealing with the current situation

Come in! Have you been tested, recovered or vaccinated? (3G rule)

Then we look forward to welcoming you again and to seeing your valid proof when you enter!


Validity stated from sampling:

PCR test (72 hours)

Antigen test (48 hours)

Antibody test (3 months)

Corona vaccination certificate (from the 22nd day after the first vaccination)

Separation notice after illness (6 months)

These requirements apply to stays in the hotel and the restaurant.


Children up to the age of 11 do not need a test. Children from the age of 12 can show a school test. If there is no school test, the rules for adults apply.

Cancellation Policy

We offer you the greatest possible flexibility in your travel planning: Our flexible rates also allow short-term cancellations if you have to decide against your trip.

"Safe is Safe - The European Travel Insurance"

You can find more information about it here.

Check-In Reception

In order to shorten waiting times, we ask our guests to provide their email address when booking, so we can send an online check-in 4 days before arrival.

Our reception is equipped with plexiglass screens to offer even more security on both sides.

Sauna and Infrared Cabin

The sauna and infrared cabin can be used without restrictions by our guests in compliance with all applicable measures.

Common sense says that wearing a mask in the sauna or infrared cabin is unreasonable. Please keep the minimum distance if possible.

Ventilation Devices / Fresh Air Supply

The goal is to introduce as much fresh air into rooms as is reasonably possible. This air exchange takes place through natural ventilation (windows and doors), as well as through our mechanical ventilation systems (air conditioning systems).

Our mechanical ventilation systems are maintained and looked after by the ventilation team. The mechanical ventilation systems have all been checked according to COVID-19 standards to reduce the virus load and have also been updated.

Check-Out / Payment

We offer our guests the option of contactless payment in all areas.

Hygiene Measures

Disinfectant dispensers are distributed in sensible places throughout the house (entrances, restaurant, reception, toilet facilities, seminar rooms). The cleaning intervals are increased. All rooms are also disinfected on a regular basis. All door handles are also disinfected on a regular basis. All cleaning agents contain disinfectants.

All public areas are equipped with hand disinfectant dispensers and are constantly cleaned.

Handrails, doorknobs, lift buttons and metal surfaces in general are disinfected on a regular basis.

Hygiene in the Room

The daily room cleaning was adapted to the new standards, which were worked out together with our hygiene partner Hollu. Our housekeeping work with cleaning agents from Hollu that contain disinfectants.

Our beds, tables and bath linen are cleaned according to certified hygiene standards in our in-house laundry facilities.

Fresh air in the room: All rooms are ventilated every day by our housekeeping. In addition, our windows can be opened for ventilation.


We are very pleased that we can continue to offer you the usual combination of variety at the buffet and creativity from the kitchen during breakfast in compliance with the new requirements.

Disinfectant dispensers are available in the entire buffet area.

The restaurant and bar offer enough space to ensure privacy and the appropriate distance to the next tables.


Disinfection of the seminar tables before each event. Ventilation - see ventilation device. Fogging of the seminar rooms, during the breaks the seminar rooms are fogged.

The Sailer Team

The Sailer team is committed to its own and third-party protection to comply with hygiene and distance standards, and is continuously trained as part of the employee academy. We are tested weekly with PCR tests. 

The majority of our employees has already been vaccinated. 

What does the Hotel Sailer do in the Event on an Infection in the House?

Should there be a suspected COVID-19 case in the hotel, we have worked out a detailed plan of action together with our in-house COVID-19 officer and the authorities, so the right measures can be implemented immediately.

Please let us know if you feel unwell or ill. Our reception team is trained and can help you professionally.

The ill person and family members must stay in the room. We will contact the health authorities immediately.

Behind the Scenes

The same rules of conduct and hygiene apply behind the scenes, as well as for our suppliers and hotel visitors.


For contactless recommendations, visit our Concierge App.

We will continue to closely monitor the development of the situation. We will of course inform you in the event when additional measures are required.

You can also find the current state guidelines on the Innsbruck Tourismus website.


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